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How do I set up the Schoology SSO Integration for my school?
How do I set up the Schoology SSO Integration for my school?
Written by Blake Myrin
Updated over a week ago

[NEW] Subject now offers a SSO (Single-Sign-On) Integration with Schoology! Follow the instructions below to set up the integration for your school.

1) Customer Success Manager

Communicate with your assigned Subject Customer Success Manager (CSM) that you wish to onboard your school through Schoology SSO (Single-Sign-On). Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

2) Login

Login to your admin account in Schoology.


3) Navigate to

Navigate to Find and click on Subject Platform SSO.

4) Install

Click [Install LTI 1.3 App].

5) Add to Organization

Click [Add to Organization].


6) Install/Remove

You should now see Subject Platform SSO in your Organization Apps. Click Install/Remove.


7) Select Users

Select the users you'd like to install the Subject SSO app for.


8) Click Four Squares

Now click on the icon in your header consisting of four squares. Everyone in your school should see a link to Subject Platform SSO.


9) Student Login

Please direct students to use this link to login to Subject. You can send students this article "How can I login through Schoology" with detailed instructions.

10) My Developer Apps

Now, Subject needs to activate your SSO integration in our system. To do so, return to and select "My Developer Apps".

11) API Info

Next to Subject Platform SSO, click Options and select API Info.


12) Send Client ID to CSM

Copy the Client ID and send it to your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) or [email protected] so Subject can activate your integration.


13) Complete

And you're done! Your Subject CSM will inform you when the integration is ready for students to use.

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