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How can I see when my assignments are due?
How can I see when my assignments are due?
Written by Blake Myrin
Updated over a week ago

Subject allows your teacher to set custom due dates for all your graded assignments, including warm-ups, essay and annotation assignments, multiple choice assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-step Walkthrough

IMPORTANT: even though videos and CFUs (the ungraded one or two questions right after the videos) don't have due dates, they are equally important to learning. Make sure to use the playlist view to complete everything in order! (The playlist view is the left hand navigation bar that shows you all assignments in the current topic.)

If your teacher has set up these due dates, you'll be able to see them in two ways.

1) Assignment Headers

The header of each assignment will show when that assignment is due. Here's an example:


2) To-Do List

Second, a To-Do list will show you everything that is due that week! To access it, click Weekly To-Do at the top right of your screen.

When clicked and opened, the To-Do List will show you all assignments due in the current week for a class. To toggle between your classes, simply use the dropdown at the top to access the class you want to take a look at. The To-Do List will automatically cross things off for you as you complete them, so you'll see a blue check mark next to an assignment when you've finished it!

3) Past due

If you have any assignments that are past due, aka it was already due and you haven't completed it yet, those will show up first with a yellow missing icon. Additionally, you'll get a message at the top of the To-Do List letting you know that you have missing assignments. You got this!

4) Updates

Otherwise, the To-Do List will simply show everything that's due for the week. Once an assignment is submitted, the To-Do List will automatically check that off for you, and the circle will show a blue checkmark! You'll get a message saying you're on track.

Once you've completed everything that's due for the week, the To-Do List will give you a message letting you know that you're done for the week! If you want to work ahead, you can.

5) Past-Due Assignments

As shown above, if you have any assignments that are not completed but the due date has passed, they will show up in the To-Do List above other assignments. In addition, they will be present at the top of your scores page.

IMPORTANT: Subject has no late penalty. This means that you can submit work that is past the due date, with no score deduction. So, don't get discouraged if you have a few past due coursework items, and make sure to submit everything to get full credit on the course!

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