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How can I upload a video or audio file if the system isn't allowing a large file?
How can I upload a video or audio file if the system isn't allowing a large file?
Written by Blake Myrin
Updated over a week ago

If your video or audio file is too large to upload directly into your assignment, please follow these steps to submit your work:

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-step Walkthrough

1) Record

Record your video or audio file on your phone or computer.

2) Save File

Save the file on your desktop.


3) Open Google Drive

Open Google Drive and click + New in the left side bar.


4) File Upload

Then click File upload


5) Select File

Select your video or audio file and upload it.

6) Open File

Open the file you just uploaded.


7) Share

Click the three vertical dots in the top righthand corner of your screen. Then click Share.


8) Share Settings

Change the sharing settings to be "Anyone with the link can view".


9) Copy Link

Now click Copy link to copy the link.

10) Paste Link

Go back to your assignment and paste the link you just copied into the text box.


11) Submit

Now submit your assignment and you're good to go! Your grader will be able to open the link you pasted and grade your work.

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